What’s your E-commerce website missing and how to make the most of it?

Unlike other websites, e-commerce (electronic commerce) websites have to be specifically designed to give your target audience the ability to purchase products and services directly from your business. It not only promotes your business’ services and products on the internet but also allows visitors to find these product(s) or services on your website, add them to their ‘cart’, and securely enter their payment information to complete their purchase. Since 2020 with the rise of the pandemic and lockdown scenario, not having an impressionable, unique and outstanding E-commerce website has led to unfavorable outcomes for businesses. Let’s get a grip on the most essential things your e-commerce website could be missing and how you can make the most of it and help your business to stay above the competition.

A 5 steps structured plan to build a rock-solid e-commerce website

  • #Step 1 – Get a good domain name that resonates with your brand and signifies what it has to offer
  • #Step 2 – Pick an e-commerce platform which is exactly where your site “lives” online. You can pick it from a host of e-commerce platforms that offer a free trial period such as Shopify, 3dcart, BigCommerce etc.
  • #Step 3 – Plan and construct your website meticulously right from the logo, layout, brand imagery, product photos, descriptions, blogs, customer service pages (shipping rates, returns & exchanges, privacy policy) etc. and make sure it reflects your brand’s story.
  • #Step4 – Set up payment, tax, shipping, and marketing tools. Remember that email marketing and other Digital Marketing tools can go a long way to promote your e-commerce website effectively.
  • #Step 5 – Test and launch your e-commerce website. The final run is crucial as it can tell you where your website is lacking and what you need to improve.

Here’s what your e-commerce website could be missing and how leveraging it can help you gain the most for your brand:

Don’t ever underestimate high-resolution images and videos clubbed with the power of mind-capturing content. Personalize and put this up on a user-friendly website that clicks with the target audience, shows their authentic reviews and lets them LiveChat with you in case of any discrepancies. A responsive customer service page and an iron-clad security provision for customers using your e-commerce website are both non-tangible assets for the business. Portray all this through an impeccable brand story on your e-commerce website and you’ve got yourself an e-commerce website that is absolute perfection. To summarize it better we have listed these must-have points below for your e-commerce website.

  • User-friendly Design 
  • Quality Images and videos
  • Mobile phone friendly 
  • Reviews 
  • LiveChat 
  • Personalization 
  • Exceptional security
  • A resonating brand story

Building a great e-commerce website is a massive responsibility. Get the right Digital marketing agency in Thane on board that will not just create an awe-inspiring e-commerce website for your business but will also help you make the best out of it with the help of the right Digital Marketing strategies. Lastly, don’t forget to implement this structured plan and tips while constructing your dream e-commerce website that can unleash your business’s true potential!

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