6 tips to create a rewarding social media landing page
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Social media landing page. Image by - Cathryn Lavery

The visitors on your site reach there through various entry points like – Search results, ads, in-app ads, and so on. But creating a single landing page for all these entry points would be a mistake. And with social media taking up major chunk of the visitors’ entry point, it is crucial for the marketers to have dedicated landing pages for their social media channels as well and discuss with their social media marketing company accrodingly. Social media landing pages encourage social media users to visit your site.

This is also important because of the changes in the working of the social media channels like Facebook – it recently announced that they are working on a feature that will offer two newsfeeds to the user – one where they’ll see updates from their friends, and other from the brands. But the catch is – if you, as a brand, want your content to be published on this feed, you will have to pay to Facebook. And well, if you are spending your precious money on it, you might as well make ads and landing pages for which you are already spending for.

Here are some tips that you need to remember while creating a social media landing page –

1. Understand your audience

Unlike the audience for your PPC campaign, the users on social media are not thoroughly aware of your brand. They are at the stage of brand awareness and probably discovering the brand recently. So depending on the audience you are targeting, plan your communication accordingly, and be very precise and to the point while doing so. Don’t try to fit everything in one landing page. Understand your marketing goal, know your audience, and then plan accordingly.

2. Be consistent

Consistency between the your ad on the social media and the corresponding landing page is very important. The users are already bombarded with a lot of visuals and messaging throughout their feed, so if your social media creative and its landing page has a lot of disparity, the users might get confused and that’s the last thing you want to do.

Pay close attention to your colour scheme, images used in the social ad and the landing page, fonts, logos, and overall visual feel is well-coordinated. Your Social media landing page should look like an extended version of the artwork that you publish on the brand’s social media channel. This also applies to your overall branding exercise, not just the landing page. Ex – your offline collectibles.

3. Separate social media channel – separate social media landing page.

If you have created a specific content  for your website, you will want visitors from all the sources and various social media channels as well. While promoting the content on different social media channels, you will be creating different ads. Exactly the same way, you will also have to create the landing pages differently for the channels. Because Рyour ad on Pinterest will not look same as the one on Twitter. And as mentioned in the point above, to make it look like an extension of the ad, you will need to create a separate social media landing page for each channel.

Also, there can be different goals and expectations from different social media channels, so creating different landing pages makes sense.

4. About images

Since we are talking about the social media landing pages, we should remember that each channel has its own dimensions for the images. For example, FB & Twitter mostly has horizontal images, Instagram has square format, Pinterest generally has vertical formats, and Tumblr has full-size images. So when you’re creating a landing page, it should be created keeping in mind the dimensions of the social media sizes. It is like walking an extra mile to make the user more comfortable.

5. Magic of the videos

A study shows that an interesting video on the landing page increases the stay time on the page and also boost conversions by almost 88%. Well, the accuracy of the number can be debated, but not the fact that videos indeed improve the engagement factor of any web-page and explains the topic in a simpler way. So try to add a nice video to your social media landing page.

6. Explain. Again.

Memory of a Goldfish. Remember? We are getting even more distracted than before and that’s why, it makes perfect sense to reinforce your brand promises, and the value you are offering through the products / services. So even if you have included your tagline, USP, etc on the social media ad, make sure you repeat the same on the social media landing page.

Above were the basics for creating the landing page that matches your goal. However, if you need more help for creating a great landing page, connect to us at info@theimpulsedigital.com or DM us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!


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