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The scope of digital media is so vast that it might get intimidating at times to choose the digital company perfectly suited for your brand. We don’t claim to be the best digital marketing company in Mumbai, but what differentiates us from the rest is that our digital marketing services aim at solving the challenges that your brand faces on the digital front. Out-of-the-box is so passé!

No, we don’t claim to service you with the same old ‘out-of-the-box’ and ‘clutter-breaking’ ideas.

We believe in building long term partnership by delivering excellent results consistently. With adequate industry experience in our quiver, we ensure commitment in meeting deadlines. Even though it has been over a decade old, clients today are still struggling to up the ante on the digital marketing space. We are here to address just that.


The world is going online and so are brands in order to fetch their customers. India houses the 2nd highest internet user base in the world and with just 34% penetration, talk about potential. So if you are not using digital media, you’ll be left behind!


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Team Impulse

Here’s a small part of the insanity. Drop in to meet the rest of the lot!!



Swears by stats and numbers. Can do literally anything in the office apart from taking notes in a legible handwriting. Would have made all newspapers in infographics if it was in his scope. Serial Netflixer, Guitarist.


Social Media

Probably loves Social Media than any other things. If you get to know about some internet trend today, chances are, she has already taken it a week back. Wants whole world to be active on all the social media platforms.



She uses Google adwords like teenagers use Snapchat. Thinks that each keyword is precious so doesn't talk much. If it's in her scope, she will arrange people in a well-maintained excel sheet.



Loves pictures more than words; and that's why, writes content that can be easily visualised & understood. Writes stories in Instagram captions and tweets photographs.



Our gujjuben whose world revolves around Adobe PS, AI, IN, and her MAC. She gets a lot of design inspiration from real life, thanks to her 4 hours commute everyday. Can easily mix in the styles - from subtle to in your face jazzy!


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It's not always about Over-the-top campaigns, (though we do that when needed!)
What matters is the idea to solve the problem & help the brands overcome the challenges.
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  • Member

    What I love about the Impulse Digital team is that they are super enthusiastic. They are always coming up with genuine suggestions and honest feedback to improve our processes hence ensuring noteworthy results!

    - Kinnari Gosrani

    Director of Communication and Strategy, Goma Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

  • Member

    These guys put a lot of effort in understanding the brand and its values. Distinctive work, reliability and sincerity make them a fun team to work with.

    - Sneha Datar

    (Director,Datar Genetics)

  • Member

    Being associated with impulse for more than 2 decades, I can most certainly say that it is an agency with which you can build a long lasting, mutually beneficial relationship. Assured quality services backed by dedication and honesty.

    -Jayendra Kachalia

    (Director, Navnit Motors Pvt. Ltd.)

  • zia

    Impulse Team is really very professional, the best thing is that they have always been ready to help and find solution for any challenges. The Word "No" does not exist in there dictionary which is rare to find in many agencies. I wish all good luck and best of future to Impulse Digital Team.

    - Zia Khan

    (Digital Marketing Manager, Nahar Group)