How Artificial Intelligence is Going to Affect the Digital Marketing World – 2018
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Artificial intelligence in digital marketing 2018. Image - Andy Kelly

Since the time the ground for Artificial intelligence was getting ready, digital marketers were still not sure whether it was going to be a game changer in the business, or just another digital marketing trend that will fade away with the bombardment of constantly upgrading technology. They were not sure about the application and execution of the AI in their day to day marketing activities.

However, in 2017, the clouds of confusion about AI started clearing up and the year proved that Artificial intelligence is here to stay, and in 2018, it is going to get even bigger and reveal its true potential in the field of digital

Artificial intelligence – Some major ranking factors for the marketing

Taking user experience to the personalized level

Even though it’s digital, the marketing still retains most of its core values – the first being customer is the king, and other being (especially for the digital marketers) – Content is the king. These are two important areas where Artificial intelligence will make a great impact. Using AI, the marketers can create the marketing strategy that is insync with the customer data. It can be buying and behavioural patterns, search history, and so on. Using this, marketers can fine tune their strategies to the most detailed & personalized level. The best part is, the personalization can be done for each and every customer differently. Thanks to Artificial intelligence.

Then there’s AR – Augmented reality which can be incorporated in the communication. Using which, the users can see and feel the product before buying, leading to more informed decision – AR will make the decision making process easier. These can be amazingly used by travel & tourism industry as well. Apart from this, Chatbots are another example of using AI in the marketing activities. Those play a big role in enhancing the user experience by facilitating the better customer service. Chatbots work on the basis of data that they receive from the customer.

It is speculated that soon, the traditional chat boxes and texts will be replaced by communication infrastructure that includes senses such as voice and touch.

AR & ML in digital marketing 2018. Image credits - Samuel Zeller
AR & ML in digital marketing 2018. Image credits – Samuel Zeller

Image recognition using Artificial intelligence

Now, this is the part which might sound creepy to some of you. Image recognition will be used for better marketing experience. So earlier, the search engines recognized images that were limited to the objects in the picture – using which they added description and content. However, soon they will recognize human faces as well, that too – reading the emotions. This will be beneficial for many sectors in many unimaginable ways. And there’s no derth of consumer images and faces on the internet – Thanks to the constant selfies we post and regular updates on Instagram.

As you all know, all the social media platforms favour the visual posts over the text based content. So well, there’s an ocean of images on social media that will be used by Artificial intelligence to understand the emotions, customer needs, buying patterns, and so on. This will be done by scanning the images on social media platforms and comparing it to the database.

Predictive marketing

Remember how you get the texts from various sites as the new month starts or the month is about to get over? Ever wonder how these brands know that you’re running out of the coffee and detergent powder?

So each time you surf internet and look things, the data is generated for the Artificial intelligence. This data reveals a lot of data such as buying patterns, brand preferences, buying frequency, and so on. Basically this data is a treasure trove for any marketer and they won’t think of not using it for their marketing strategies. This data is then used to offer the most relevant content to the respective users.

Apart from this, the huge quantity of information that people put on social media gives away a lot of information about the consumers. That makes targeting easier. This breaks down the sales-cycle because the information is given to the customers beforehand, making their decision making easier and faster.

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