5 Important SEO Metrics Which You Should Be Aware Of
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Important SEO metrics
Even before Facebook announced its decision to be a more ‘social’ social media platform, Google already had many parameters in place for making sure that their platform would offer the best to the users by coming up with the most relevant and quality search results. For this, they set many SEO metrics. Even though there’s a lot being published about Search Engine Optimization and its importance, many business owners still don’t consider it important and they are not doing any efforts for SEO.

Here are a few SEO metrics that you should consider. 

  1. Trust Flow
  2. This is a metric that helps in evaluating the authority and credibility of the websites as well as the directories which link to the particular website. The valuation is done out of 100 and the websites which have trusted sights linked to it are supposed to have a high Trust Flow. These sights have better chances of ranking higher in search results.

  3. Dwell Time
  4. Dwell time means the how long the user stays on the website’s pages. If a visitor spends more time of your website, better the pages will perform in the rankings. That means longer the dwell time, higher the chances of your website to be ranked in the initial results on the search engine.

    Now, here are a few tips which you can implement to improve the dwell time (one of the important SEO metrics) of your websites.

    • Make sure that your website loads in 2 seconds or less.
    • Make sure the website is visually appealing.
    • Don’t have huge chunks of text on it. Make it scannable. Very few people read the text closely.
    • Make sure it’s understandable, i.e. easily navigable.

  5. Citation flow
  6. This parameter checks the quantity of the links that come to the website. However, it only looks at the quantity, not the quality. That means, if there’s a particular website that has high citation flow, but a lower trust flow, it signifies that the website has been building a lot of spammy links. It is highly unlikely that that this website will rank high in the search results. On the other hand, if a particular site has a high level of trust flow and less citation flow, it indicates that the site has very trustworthy sources for the link building profile.

  7. Returning visitors
  8. How many times the visitors to your website come back is one of the important parameters that Google considers in its algorithm. You can find the number of returning visitors by installing Google Analytics. It is very important to have returning visitors because that states that your website has something interesting to offer. For this, you will have to make sure you have atleast some kind of a dynamic content. It can be a blogpost or something that is changing in your news and events section. Make sure it is related to your targeted keywords.

  9. Comments on the blogposts.
  10. This is specifically limited to the blog posts. Make sure that anybody can comment on your blog posts. We understand that the spam comments can affect the brand image. But you there are many plugins that are available that you can install. But do not turn off the comments. Let people comment, let there be conversations on your blog posts. A good plugin will help you to filter out hundreds of spam comment bots. Make sure that the blog posts are so interesting and relevant that people want to comment on them.

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