Hindustan Unilever Limited online-offline integration campaign

HUL wanted to run a couponing campaign for few selected areas in Pune & Delhi. The idea was to have the audience generate coupons online, which they would then redeem offline.

As a solution, we chose proximity ads on Facebook and Instagram. We kept a minimal three km radius as the possibility of the audience travelling far for a product of daily use is remote.

Considering the range of products, and the different pricing point, we decided to split them between premium and non-premium categories for better targeting of each audience cohort.

A mandatory requirement was that the coupons had to be generated in the HUL backend system, and thus the data transfer between social and the HUL backend and back to the user was the biggest challenge.

To counter this, we created two separate landing pages for the areas that they intended to target (Delhi and Pune) and the premium/non-premium category. We created product-specific carousel ads which were shown to the audience basis the premium/non-premium selection. After we generated some data, we also leveraged Lookalike campaign to better our targeting.

As the user arrived on the landing page, we procured his contact details and verified his number. These details were passed to the HUL system, which generated the coupon.

Upon successful completion of the procedure, the user got the coupon via a text message.

  • Client:Hindustan Unilever Limited
  • Date: JULY-AUGUST 2020
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