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Social Media Management/Marketing:YOUR EXTENDED IDENTITY

Everyone is using social media extensively and social media presence gives your brand a chance to build lasting relationships with them. Your social media marketing efforts will ensure that your brand communication reaches the target audience along with having an access to the valuable insights on your customers’ behavioural pattern. It actually means lending an ear to your customers. Social media gives more exposure to your brand while providing you the accurate targeting.

Why Hire a Social media marketing company?

Figuring out the best social media strategy for your brand can be tough. A social media agency understands various dimensions of your brand and can help you design a great strategy perfectly fitted for the needs. An accurate social media strategy will help your customers to transition from conversing with you to buying from you. Impulse Digital lets your brand breath through social media via humane and continuous consumer interaction. We aim at constant monitoring of social media references around your brand and responding to them on real-time basis to turn them into intelligent audience actions.

Social media services that we offer

  • Social Media Profile creation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Campaign Creation & Management
  • Community Building (Organic & Paid)

We help you in building your digital assets over various social media platforms which are relevant to your business or services. We make sure the new property impersonates your brand perfectly by understanding and following the brand guidelines. Managing the social media platforms requires agile thinking, effective communication and utmost discipline to come up with consistent brand communication on the social front. Our team of social media buffs ensure that your brand is in sync with the current talk of the town and helps you leverage the trend and join in by being a part of the communication.

Using social media analytics for performance monitoring

By using social analytics we measure the performance of the social media strategy on regular basis. The data from the analytics will also help in altering the content marketing strategy based on the audience response. Frequent monitoring helps in understanding the KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and gauge the success of the pre-decided social metrics. Detailed timely reporting keeps you in sync with the happenings on the social front.