Google will shut down the old Search Console reports from 13th December
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Google will shut down the old Search Console reports from 13th December.

Google will be shutting down the older version of Google Console on 13th December 2018. Being a company that provides SEO services in Mumbai, we rely a lot on this tool. Here are a few changes that will take place as we transition from the older version to the newer version of this tool. But first things first, what is Google console and why should we be concerned?

What is Google Console?

Google Console is a free Google tool that helps you analyse and optimize the performance of your website. Basically, it tells you how Google views your website. Bloggers, SEO experts, or those who have their own business website use this tool to analyse their website’s performance.

Following are the components of the new Google Console and how they differ from the previous one –

  1. Performance

    The performance section is similar to the ‘search analytics’ of the old version.

    Here, we get to know the total clicks, total impressions, average CTR and the Average position. In the new version, we get a much detailed report as to which query and keywords have brought traffic to your website or a particular page of your website as compared to the old Google search console reports. Other good part about the new version is the filters. We can go all the way back to 16 months to check the data. We can even compare the data of the last three months and so much more.

  2. URL Inspection

    This is a new tool and is one of the main highlights of the new version. Here, we’ll get to know if a particular URL has been indexed or not.

  3. Coverage

    This feature tells us if there are any errors in the indexing and how they can be fixed. In the old version, we only got to know the number of errors however, in the new version we even get to know the links where the error lies.

  4. Links

    Here we get to know how many external as well as internal links our website has received and from which sites we have received them. In the older version, we didn’t get such a detailed report.

    The other sections of the new version are more or less the same as the old one. All and all, the look and the feel has changed in the new version making it more user friendly than the previous one.

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