E-commerce Website Redesign: A 10 Point Checklist Before You Begin
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Ecommerce website redesign

Nobody likes to see the same things everyday right? Similarly, you don’t want the visitors on your website to get bored of the same thing again and again. So that’s why Website Redesigning is necessary specially for an E-commerce website. Once your Website is redesigned, it might look attractive to the visitors and improve their experience but there’s a huge toll for that! Redesigning can often be disastrous for SEO and Search Traffic. As an SEO agency, here’s what we have to share with you.

In this scenario what could be the solution to redesign the E-commerce website without affecting the SEO? 

Consider the following steps to prevent this from happening:

1. Know the Basics:

Here the basic includes analysing the SEO keywords, Page ranks and organic traffic. Analysing these factors will give you a clear vision of what is to be fed to the new website. Apart from these things content, URL’s, internal link structure and domain name should also be considered.

2. Make Goals for the New Site:

Apart from analyzing the technical aspects of the website, setting up goals for the new site will also be a suitable alternative. Setting up a goal such as ‘Improving the Page Rank and Traffic’ will at least help you in preserving the existing page rank and traffic.

Goals for new site
Goals for new site

3. Retaining the Old E-commerce website:

Having the old site available if you have faced a technical snag could really be handy. Just make sure that the old site is on a temporary web address and it can’t be accessed by a crawler.

4. Avoid Fixing the URL:

Redesigning the website doesn’t mean that you need to change each and everything specially when it comes to URL. Retaining the Page name with its URL could be extremely beneficial. But if you find that changing the URL is required then go for it.

5. Redirecting Old URLs to New:

If you have changed the URL then the first thing on your checklist should be redirecting old URLs to the new ones. Here’s a tip- Try making a spreadsheet of all the URLs on the old and new site for testing the redirects.

Redirecting URLs
Redirecting URLs


6. On-going SEO:

You can’t just use SEO only once. After the redesigning is done and you have started the monitoring phase, you can get back to measuring the performance of the new site and later you can resume the normal on-going optimization plan.

7. Page Loading Speed:

How long can you wait for a web page to load? 5 seconds? 10 seconds? Not more than that unless you don’t have an alternative for that site. So, page loading speed is an important factor than you think and you should consider this while redesigning the website.

8. Avoid Duplication of Content:

This could be a challenge for those who maintain separate sites for desktop and mobile. Here the problem is that the URL for desktop site and mobile site is different but the content remains the same. This can cause some serious damage to the SEO and page rank. In order to tackle this issue decide which content is more important and accordingly get that content indexed.

9. Infinite Scroll:

Enabling this option on your website might be little problematic. In simple terms, this technique allows the user to scroll the content of the website continuously without clicking on ‘Load more’ button. For instance, suppose you have enabled infinite scrolling on your website which has around 50 pages and if you only show like 10 recent posts then the search engine robots won’t be able to track all the 50 pages on your website. That is because the search engine robots crawls website through links.

10. Communication:

Apart from the technical aspects, communication between the website developers and SEO experts is the key. Make sure that the developers are been provided with accurate data.

That’s all for now. Want more information regarding SEO for your brand or have something to add to this list? Write to us at collabs@theimpulsedigital.com or connect to us on Facebook / Twitter / or Instagram.


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